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Reflexology is an ancient and gentle form of healing which has been passed down from generation to generation for centuries.


It is based on the principle that reflex points on the feet, hands, face and ears correspond to every organ and gland in the body. 


It dates back to the beginning of human life when reflexes in the feet were naturally stimulated by walking and running barefoot over the earth's uneven surface.  Throughout history feet have represented security, mobility and grounding.  Reflexology with a professionally qualified Reflexologist can be integrated with any medical or health modality.

A Reflexology treatment, releases tension in the body, brings over-active and under-active areas back into balance and helps the body flush out toxins resulting in a feeling of deep relaxation and wellness.  It also balances all body systems and enhances immune system function. It is wonderful for any stage in one's life from pregnancy right through to the golden years.


Proven benefits of Reflexology are:

  • Reduces stress

  • Enhances the functioning of body, mind and soul

  • Balances the nervous system

  • Stimulates the body's innate ability to heal itself on all levels

  • Treats the body holistically and balances all body systems

  • Improves circulation

  • Detoxifies the body

  • Boost lymphatic function


Some commonly addressed conditions include: sinusitis, asthma, allergies, viruses, infections, digestive disorders, chronic fatigue, headaches, reproductive disorders, endocrine imbalances, stress and emotional issues.

A reflexology session lasts approximately 1 hour and can be tailored to meet your needs.  It may include a combination of reflexes on your feet, face, ears or hands.

I may also clear your meridian pathways before your reflexology treatment as I have found this to improve the efficacy of the reflexology and improve health outcomes.

A series of sessions may be required if the condition is of a chronic nature.  

Regular reflexology sessions are beneficial in maintaining health and well being.

I also offer Tiny Toes workshops to help new mums cope with some of the niggles they may experience with a new baby.  Please see our Events page for details.

Natural Healing

Natural Healing is the art and science of assisting the restoration of health at all levels of a person's being, irrespective of where ill health has manifested.  

The healer acts as a catalyst, a transformer, conducting external, beneficial energy or life force into the client through their hands, working on the energy field. This animates the vital force within, which stimulates the body to heal itself on all levels:  physical, emotional, mental and spiritual, as it was designed to do.

We are not just a physical body, we have an energetic body too which is not normally visible to ordinary sight.  This energetic body consist of a collection of subtle energy fields that surround and interpenetrate the physical.  These subtle fields extend beyond the physical and create a force field of energy and luminous colours, commonly known as The Human Aura.  

The Endocrine glands are the hormone producing glands in the physical body and are therefore the controlling glands of the physical, emotional and psychological parts.  These powerful glands give off their own set of energies and are the connection point for the subtle bodies to the physical.  The endocrine system represents the major energy vortexes  within our body which provide the physical with vital hormones for survival, development and growth.  


There are seven major energy vortexes in the body and each one predominates in a different colour.(the colours of the rainbow). They form a straight line up the centre of the body and relate to the endocrine gland closest to it.  It is the function of each vortex to absorb the energy frequency it predominates in, to transform it and then to transmit this energy into the physical body via the blood stream.  These energy vortexes vitalise and energise and are the main vehicles for the physical body's interaction with the universal energy field. 


There is an intimate relationship between the Human Aura or Energy Body and the Physical Body. What affects one affects the other, so if the Energy Body is healthy, the Physical Body will be healthy too. It is therefore extremely important to keep the Energy Body healthy.


Healing may be given for any illness, stress or injury as a therapy which has no side effects and is complementary to any other form of treatment.  Healing balances physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually so one does not have to be sick to receive a healing.  It is a wonderful way to keep our amazing body balanced.

Food Compatibility & Nutrition

 "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food".


Food is fundamental to life and health.  The science of nutrition focuses on nourishing our bodies to meet physical demands as well as mental and emotional stresses encountered on a daily basis.

If correct nutrition is not received by the body it can lead to degenerative diseases such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, arthritis and obesity. 


We are however not all the same, and what may work for my body may in fact not work for yours.  You may feel bloated after eating certain foods, or suffer with itchy skin, fatigue, headaches or sleep disorders.

The Compatibility Hair Analysis is the easiest and fastest way to change your health.

It is a simple non-invasive analysis requiring only a small sample of your hair.  This analysis accurately measures over 500 different foods, beverages, nutritional supplements and household produces to determine which ones are not compatible with your body.

A standard elimination diet may take a very long time to pinpoint the foods impacting your health.

The Bio-Compatibility System is the result of more than 30 yrs of research and development by experienced natural health practitioners in Australia.

Once your results are in, we schedule a 45 minute appointment where we go through your results and help you put into action this new eating plan.  We find the foods you can eat!  After 6-9 months we re-test to see how your body has healed and what foods we can re-introduce into your diet.

Food sensitivities cause the immune system to become overactive and produce abnormal amounts of inflammatory mediators.  This then causes inflammation in various parts of our body such as glands, joints, skin, muscles and mucous membranes.

This Compatibility Analysis identifies everyday foods and household products that are stopping your body functioning at its optimum on a cellular level. 

Are you ready to unlock your body's secrets to optimum health?

Stress Profile Analysis

Bach Flower Essences

As a practitioner I have found that when clients come and see me, whether for a physical ailment, or an emotionally related problem, stress is always a factor.  Stress can affect people in all different ways, but essentially stress can only happen when the situation you find yourself in does not match your belief system regarding it.

Not all situations affect people in the same way, so we cannot blame a situation for causing stress, merely our reaction to that situation based on our belief system.

Our belief system is made up of the sum total of all input received from pre-birth up until this point in our lives, whether it is experiential, learned or has been imposed upon us.  If any of this input is negative or distorted in any way, then our belief system will have these negativities and distortions.  This means that every time we have to access that distorted part of the belief system we are going to come up with a decision that is not functional for us and it is going to cause stress.  You can only do what you believe is right and appropriate at any given time.  This explains why some parts of our lives work and other areas don't.

Our belief system is totally dynamic, it is changing all the time relative to the input we are receiving.  This means that if we can change that  negative or distorted part of our belief system, we will no longer be making decisions based on this distorted information so can now respond to life from our own true perspective.

To achieve this, my clients complete a stress profile analysis questionnaire which pinpoints those negative or distorted parts of their belief system relative to the seven fundamental emotional states identified by Dr Edward Bach:

  • Fear

  • Uncertainty

  • Insufficient interest in present circumstances

  • Apathy

  • Loneliness

  • Those over-sensitive to influences and ideas

  • Despondency and Despair

  • Over-care for the welfare of others

 I then create a unique formula of Bach flower essences specific to You, as no two people are alike.  The flower essences work in a very gentle yet subtle manner with no negative side effects and are wonderful for all ages and stages of life.


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