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Tiny Toes Reflexage

As a professional Reflexology practitioner for over 25 years, I have worked with clients of all ages from babies through to the elderly, helping to balance their body and alleviate symptoms associated with a variety of conditions.  My youngest would often come and ask me to do "that pressy thing" on his hands.  In 2021 I completed the Tiny Toes Reflexage workshop which has given me greater confidence to show other parents how to help their babies with common niggles such as colic, reflux, constipation, teething, coughs, and colds as well as general wellbeing.

Tiny Toes Reflexage is a combination of baby reflexology, baby massage and movement.  A baby's first language is touch.  This unique and effective way of communicating and calming a baby, provides safe and gentle techniques to enhance parent-baby bond, and aid many early discomforts.

I am excited to be offering Tiny Toes Reflexage to encourage and develop the bond between parent and baby.  These small classes in a peaceful environment support parent and baby to feel calm and relaxed.  Illustrated take-home sequences are also provided.  These classes are suitable for babies from six weeks to crawling and are offered as a four-week program.  

Included in this program are some reflexology points especially for you too.  We recognise that being a parent to a new baby can often be overwhelming, so we will show you a few techniques to help calm you and ease some of the anxiety which you may be feeling.

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Comfort and Sleep

Learn how to comfort, reassure and settle your baby with reflexology and massage techniques.


Digestion and Colic

Learn massage and reflexology techniques to soothe digestive niggles such as constipation, colic, and reflux.


Teething, colds, coughs

Learn techniques to ease symptoms of teething, coughs and colds with reflexology and massage.

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